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Top 5 Apps for Storing Your Video Files in the Cloud

You’ve shot some great video footage with your iPhone or iPad. Now what? You can leave it on your device but what if you get a new device or are running low on space? Storing your video files in the cloud is a safe and secure solution. Here are five of the best cloud storage apps available for iPhone and iPad users.


What makes Dropbox one of the best cloud storage apps is your ability to share video files across multiple devices. For example, you can upload a video using your iPhone app and later access it on your iPad app or your PC or Mac. The download is free and set up time is minimal. Another great feature of Dropbox is that it stores multiple versions of your files and makes them accessible via

Although Dropbox is free, initially you only get 2 GB of storage space. For each referral you make, you can earn up to an additional 500 MB until you’ve earned a total of 18 GB. Dropbox offers paid plans starting at $9.99 a month for those who need a lot of space and don’t want to bother with making referrals.


Box is another free cloud storage app for iPhone and iPad users. Box gives you 10 GB free and has paid plans if you need more storage space. Like Dropbox, you can also sync and share files across multiple devices. Unlike Dropbox, Box lets you add comments to the files you store. You can use this feature to record the date, place, people, and other interesting details you want to capture with the video.

Since the Box app is an extension of the Box Web service, its design is a little outdated for iPhone and iPad users. Another drawback is that 250 MB is the maximum size for file uploads if you’re using a free account.


What makes Copy such a great cloud storage app is that you get 15 GB storage for free. Better yet, Copy can automatically move all your files on another cloud storage service to it. Copy takes a different approach to shared folders. Most cloud services count the entire size of a shared folder against each individual sharing it. Copy divides the shared folder by the number of users and only counts the portion against the individual user. The app is simple to use and doesn’t have any unnecessary features. There’s really no downside to this app.


Although not as well known, Cubby is another app for storing files in the cloud. Cubby’s features are about the same as Dropbox. Like Dropbox, the download is free and getting started is easy. At 5 GB, Cubby does offer more free storage than Dropbox. It’s paid plans are also a little less expensive. Currently, you can get 100 GB for $6.99 per month. Cubby’s does offer discounts for bulk use.


What sets SugarSync apart from the other top apps is that you can upload files from email. If your friend attaches a video file in email that you want to save, you can upload it directly from the email. SugarSync also features a Microsoft Outlook plugin if that’s the email service you use.

The downside to SugarSync is that it doesn’t offer free plans like the rest of the apps mentioned here. Currently, you can get 60 GB for $7.50 per month.

Take you iOgrapher for iPhone anywhere! #beastmode

Iographer -  With the iOgrapher for iPhone mounted on your helmet the possibilities are endless. Take us with you in your journey. #beastmode #create

Iographer - With the iOgrapher for iPhone mounted on your helmet the possibilities are endless. Take us with you in your journey. #beastmode #create

iOgrapher - Cameo App Review

Have you ever wanted to be a video director? Vimeo makes it possible with its Cameo app. Cameos can be up to 2 minutes long and consist of 6 second video clips spliced together. You can also collaborate with friends to create Cameos by using the clips they upload to the Cameo community.

Getting Started

Get started with Cameo by completing these simple steps after you’ve installed the app on your iPhone.

  1. Click Get Started.
  2. Select your sign up option (Vimeo, Facebook, or Email) and set up your account.

Using Cameo

You can use video clips already on your iPhone’s camera roll or new footage to create your Cameos. Here are the steps to create new footage.

  1. Tap the red and white record button at the bottom of the screen (shown below) to begin shooting a new video clip.

  1. Turn your iPhone sideways and tap the red button displaying a white 6.

  2. Record your clip as Cameo counts down your 6 seconds. Cameo automatically saves your clip to its Library.

To import an existing clip from your phone’s camera roll, complete the following steps.

  1. Hold the Record button to open thumbnail views of the clips on your camera roll.
  2. Select the clip you want.
  3. Trim the clip down to 6 seconds, if necessary, by surrounding the desired section with the clip selector. Drag the selector’s ends in if you want a clip shorter than 6 seconds.

Once you’ve added all the clips you want in your Cameo, you can add a title, soundtrack, and theme. Tap the cog in the upper right corner of your screen to display these options.

To access your friends’ clips, you need to follow them. Tap the Follow Friends icon at the bottom of the screen. Once you select your friends, you’ll see the clips they’ve saved to Cameo.

Finally, you can share your movie on Cameo, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Just tap the Share button beside the Record button.


Cameo has a number of pros which is why it has become such a popular iPad app.

  • Intuitive navigation and menus
  • Professional-grade effects and styles
  • Free soundtrack music
  • Collaboration with friends to pool clips and create a shared Cameo
  • Cloud storage of your movies on the Cameo site
  • Gallery of featured and popular Cameos


There’s very little downside to the app. Some users may feel that the 6 second per clip and 2 minute Cameo time limits are too restrictive. However, others feel these limits produce creative, exciting, unique and beautifully filmed short movies.

Cool photo of the day! Shot by Samantha with her iOgrapher for iPhone! #create

Cool photo of the day! Shot by Samantha with her iOgrapher for iPhone! #create

Tell Your Story with Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is a virtual show and tell. Available only to iPad owners, this app lets users create video slideshows with animation, background music, and voice-over narration.

Getting Started

Getting started with Adobe Voice is pretty straightforward. After you install the app:

  1. Click + Create a New Story.
  2. Type the the title or subject or your story idea in the Your title or idea field and tap Next.
  3. Select a story idea and tap Pick This One or tap Make Up My Own if you don’t want to use one of the app’s story ideas.
    Note: The story ideas provide templates and story structures.
  4. Tap OK to give Adobe Voice permission to access your iPad’s microphone.
  5. Tap Get Started or Skip the Tutorial.

Example Screenshots

Creating Your Story

If you selected one of Adobe Voice’s story ideas, then a storyboard appears at the bottom of your screen. You can use the slides in the storyboard or delete the ones you don’t want. To delete a slide:

  1. Tap the slide.
  2. Tap the expander.
  3. Tap Delete Page.

You can also add a slide by tapping the plus (+) icon to the right of the storyboard.

For each slide, you can add an icon, photo, or text. Just tap the icon for the one you want.

Add narration to each slide by holding the microphone icon down and talking. Release the microphone icon when you’re done recording the audio for the slide.

After recording the narration for the slide, you can enhance the slide with layout, themes, and music. You can choose 1 of 35 pieces of music to play in the background. Themes lets you create a unified look and feel to your story, including animation.

You can upload your project to Adobe’s gallery and indicate whether it’s available for public or private view. In addition, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter or text or email it.


Students and business professionals alike who have to create interactive presentations will love Adobe Voice. Here are some of the apps’ pros.

  • Multiple storyboard ideas that structure your narration
  • Ideal for all levels of experience in creating presentations
  • Simple yet effective screen navigation
  • Hundreds of layout, music, and theme combinations that make each new project unique


Adobe Voice is a great app that’s fun for project and presentation creation. The only downside is that users are unable to download their project locally. This means that you can’t watch your presentation on your iPad. Sharing options have expanded with each release, so it’s possible that this option might come in the future.

Oh and please make a landscape view too!

Working on a new tutorial! Greenscreen in #filmicpro

Working on a new tutorial! Greenscreen in #filmicpro

Explain Everything - Turn Your iPad into an Interactive Whiteboard and Screencasting Tool

Explain Everything transforms your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. Record audio and video, write, annotate, and move objects in real time, and then virtually share your screen with anyone.

Getting Started

Getting started with Explain Everything is easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Install the app.
  2. Tap plus (+) in the menu bar.
  3. Select a color template.

You’re ready to create, collaborate, and communicate.

Using Explain Everything’s Features

You can create your projects with existing or new objects.

Inserting Objects

Click the Insert an object icon (shown below) and select an object type. Explain Everything lets you work with the following and more:

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Images
  • Word documents
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Browser windows

Depending on the file type, Explain Everything lets you edit the object you insert.

Working with Objects

Tap and hold objects to move them anywhere you want on the slide.

Once you’ve inserted all the objects you want on your first slide, use the tools on the left side of the screen to change them or add other things to your slide. You can:

  • Annotate objects.
  • Insert shapes or text.
  • Rotate and resize objects.
  • Delete objects.
  • Open a live browser window.

Recording a Presentation

Click the record button (shown below) to record a screencast presentation as well as audio narration. Since you can insert a live browser in your project, you can capture website navigation or show online resources in your presentation.

Exporting a Presentation

Click the Export icon (shown below) to Save and Export your project to another location so it can be shared with others.


Explain Everything is an ideal tool for educators and students. Both can easily create narrated presentations or screencasts. Teachers can display finished projects on a projector using iPad’s AirPlay. Here are some of the app’s pros.

  • Fun to use for students at any grade level
  • Compatible with new and existing files and objects
  • Perfect for creating instructional aides
  • Works well with all major cloud services


As great a tool as Explain Everything is, it does have a few opportunities for improvement.

  • The toolbar is not intuitive and navigation is a little confusing. However, MorrisCooke provides excellent tutorials on how to use the app’s features and tools.
  • Export time for videos is long and exporting cannot occur in the background.
  • Writing with the pen tool is difficult.

Explain Everything costs $2.99, but there is an education discount. However, this is money well spent if you’re a teacher or student who frequently creates or delivers interactive presentations.

Videolicious: An App Review

We are living in an era dominated by #selfies, revolving door social media, and never-ending hardware and software updates and upgrades for every bit of technology we own. For better or for worse, Western society is undergoing a technological renaissance.

An integral part of any person’s daily relationship with technology likely involves apps, or applications for a computer or smartphone. Combining elements from the ever-popular iMovie and Vine is the new iOS-based app Videolicious.

What Is Videolicious?

Videolicious is a video-editing app designed for iPhone 4/4S/5, iPod Touch 4/5, and iPad 2/3/4/Mini. This review covers the free Personal version of the app, although there are paid Business and Business Plus versions for small companies.

The app allows the user to create a comprehensive video using a string of pre-existing videos. The user may use video and audio recording to create voiceovers or even a video introduction to the subsequent videos. Examples could range from sending relatives a narrative package of videos from a wonderful day at the beach to editing together footage from an interview.

The app offers a number of features such as filters and music (such as “Lounge - Cool Nerd” and “Pop Dance - Risky Techno”) to customize the final package.


Videolicious’s strongest quality is its persistent attempts to make a quasi-complex process as simple as possible. Taking videos can be cumbersome; stringing them together like beads on a necklace can be even more of a hassle. Videolicious recognizes this and provides an intuitive visual design and a helpful tutorial to alleviate concerns.

The tutorial opens immediately upon first use, covers the basics and some nonbasics, and is very easy to locate after first use.

The experience of making actual videos with the app depends on the desired use.

For fun, silly, or personal videos to share with friends and family, Videolicious is a solid app to use. The tutorial is helpful, the basic concept is somewhat intuitive, and the presentation works.

For professional videos, the free Personal version of the app is not ideal. By using the iPhone camera, anyone using the app without help will find that the camera does not produce a flattering angle for videos.

The app also requires the user to have perfectly edited video clips and second-by-second knowledge of these clips. When recording baseline audio/video, the user has no way of knowing what’s happening in the video clips as he is recording the voiceover.

If the user wants to cheer when his dog catches a Frisbee, he needs to know prior to recording that it takes place three seconds into clip four. It’s impossible to know otherwise.

All in all, Videolicious is a fun tool for projects that don’t require absolute finesse.